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Dev Harici (Off-line) Üniteler

The Giant Off-Line Unit is also known as ‘The Giant’. The Giant’s filter housing is combined with a pump motor group and an electrical control box. This is an easy to use plug-and-play filter solution. It only requires electrical power, suction and return lines.

The Giant

The RMF Systems Giant Off-line Unit is especially designed for industrial hydraulic and lubrication systems. The pump is a cast steel gear pump with a large viscosity range from 12 cSt – 800 cSt. Filter elements available for the Giant, run from 1 μ up to 12 μ. When fitted with water absorbing elements, the reduced water contamination level

prolongs the life of the additive package and reduces oxidation of the oil, components and bearing surfaces.


The Giant can be equipped with additional components for Condition Monitoring, such as the CMS (Contamination Monitoring Sensor), the OQS (Oil Quality Sensor) and the OQD (Oil Quality Display). The electrical control box is already prepared for these additions.





The Giant can be used on hydraulic power units, lube and oil tanks, Large gearboxes, and storage tanks for biodegradable fluids.

Industries that are successfully applying ‘The Giant’ include: steel industry, marine industry, automotive industry, pulp & paper industry.