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Harici (Off-line) Üniteler C & D serisi

RMF Off-Line filter units can be applied to every imaginable industrial application where hydraulic or lubrication systems are present. An Integrated pump-motor unit draws out of the tank, filters it and pumps clean oil back into the system. Off-line filter Units can continue to work even when the main system is not in use.

Over the years, RMF Systems have developed considerable experience in cleaning hydraulic and lubrication systems, helping to keep them clean and reduce down time. RMF systems Off-line filters are easy to install and require little maintenance.

The RMF systems range of Off-line filters OLU1C and OLU1D are Off-line filters that consist of a stainless steel filter housing, pump motor combination and a cellulose extreme high dirt holding filter element. The filter

element is of a multi section design, it consists of four sections to allow for large dirt and water holding capacity and wide range of fluid viscosity.

The pumps and motors can be selected to specifically suit individual applications and conditions. The OLU1C units have a single element and the OLU1D carry two elements stacked. Elements can easily be changed.




A single element can hold more than 2.6 liter of water and has a Dirt Holding Capacity of more than 1.5 kg.

RMF Systems OLU1C and OLU1D are extremely suited for applications where large contamination levels (water and solid contaminant) can be found. The rugged design and stainless steel housing also make it suited for harsh environmental conditions such as mining, marine and off-shore industry.