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Filtre Sistemleri

Protection of expensive main stream filters

RMF systems filters are applied in By-Pass or Off-Line configurations  and constantly clean the oil from reservoir. The oil which reaches the main stream filter is therefore cleaner and allows longer usege life of this expensive filter. The main stream filter then acts primarily as an emergency filter.

Less frequent oil changes

Increasingly strict environmental laws in the area of oil changes, oil storage and the disposal of used oil lead to corresponding cost increases. RMF filters mean less oil changes, and therefore less costs.


Extended usable life of the oil

Frequent oil changes are generally the result of chemical deterioration of the oil caused by the oil oxidation process. This process is brought into action by the presence of silt. If water is also present, this acts as a catalyst and the oxidation process is accelerated. RMF filters remove silt and water from the oil.

Less machine down time

Reduction of defects caused by worn components and less frequent oil changes mean an increase in production time.