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Basınç Sensörü (DS)

Pressure Sensor (DS)

fluid-check with hydraulic measuring point serv-Clip® Type 2


Pressure sensor DS-1-A-400- 1/4" or 3/4" fluid-Check® with hydraulic measuring point serv-Clip Type 1 or Type 2 (installation in only 3 minutes) (no cutting pipelines)

Accuracy and confidence with pressure sensor DS-1-A-400 

DS-1-A-400-1/4" for serv-Clip® Type 1
(for mounting on pressurized pipes)

DS-1-A-400-3/8" for serv-Clip® Type 2
(for mounting on non-pressurized pipes)

For pipes over 3“ (88,9 mm) and wall thickness from 6 mm ask about our adapter SC-XE-607.

In addition to its robust and compact design, this sensor stands out by its high accuracy and its extensive measurement range. As a standard, the housing and all parts exposed to the liquid are made of stainless steel (Type 1.4571).

Use the same serv-Clip for other measurements:

with SC Type 2 : Installation of Sensors like flow rate, leakage, temperature, aqua, pressure

with SC Type 1: Installation of pressure sensor only

with SC Type 1 and 2: manometers, filters, particle counters

Technical data
– Pressure range 0 … 400 bar
– Output signal 4 … 20 mA / 2 wires
– Power supply 12…32V DC
– Operating temperature -40 … 125 °C
– Ambient temperature -40…105°C
– Protection mode IP 65 DIN EN 60 529
– Accuracy 1,0%
– Linearity +/-0,5%
– Right-angle plug connection DIN EN 175301
– Robust stainless steel housing
– Fully encased sensor element made of stainless         
– Special instructions for stainless steel pipes up to 4 mm wall thickness with SC-2 possible.