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serv-Clip Tip 2

serv-Clip Type 2

Pipe measuring point serv-Clip® Type 2 (for mounting on non-pressurized pipes)


Pipe measuring point serv-Clip® Type 2 (for mounting on non-pressurized pipes) with 3/8"screw
For hydraulic and gear oils
Installation of Sensors in few minutes – no cutting pipelines – Installation with jaw/screw wrench only


How it works?
A needle is pressed through the wall of the pipe. It uses the principle of plastic deformation to create a leak-proof opening. Finally you remove the needle and stirrup to measure.



Hydraulic pipe measuring point serv-Clip® Type 1 (for mounting on pressurized pipes)

This is what you can do instantaneously:
Measure pressure
Take oil samples
Bleed lines / Install pressure gauges
Install pressure sensors or pressure switches
Carry out particle measurements according to ISO or NAS-classes
Install flow filters

Installation from fluid-Check® Sensors and other with G 3/8":
fluid-Check Flow rate
Aqua (in 2012 new!)

Quick and cheap installation (only 3 minutes)
Minimal downtime
No need to cut tubes
No cleaning necessary
No competition in the market!
No contamination

Technical data

  • For installation on steel and (*)stainless steel pipelines

  • For Diameters:
    from 10 – 42 mm/ Tube 3/8"- 2"/ Pipe ¼" to 3"

  • Working pressure up to 630 bar (9100 psi)

  • Working temperature from -40°C to +120 °C

  • Viton O-Ring in leak proof clamp (200°C)

  • Incl 3/8" screw and valve M16x2

(*) Up to 5 mm with special needle Art. Nr. 501-041-02 possible.